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so this is is unobtainable without dlc? i want to fight my friend without the dlc and dont want to use the red summon
Sounds like you're***** out of luck. Welcome to Dark Souls.

Hey guys, I want a starting +10 weapon!
well too bad mate why don't you want to use red summon by the time you get that embers are ez as **** to get
Just use the red summon soapstone what the hell is wrong with you
Not every one sucks other players *****s for embers.
There are errors on this wiki. It happens guys.
I own both DLCs and got the bones from completing Lapp's questline (killed Friede in Ariandel but didn't kill the Champion Gravetender & wolf).
So.....the item carries over to NG+ and so on even though you already burnt one in Firelink and has access to Undead match?
NG+4 and my OCD is kicking in....already got 2 or 3 of those in my key items.
I like to beat all the bosses including the optional ones every playthrough so Id hate it if I have to skip Gravetender so It wont stack more.
They should at least let the extra champion's bones be discarded or not get carried over IF undead match is already available....sigh~
Can this be traded among players?
You can't trade key items.
deformed lisa
if you get the bones from lapp first, then fight the gravetender, you get 2 champion's bones
Does anybody know where you get Lapp’s **** hairs?
Your moms house
You check between your teeth?
I killed Lapp in Dreg Heap and he didnt drop the champion ashes for undead arena, how do I unlock arena now? I didnt feel like doing his questline again. Please help.