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Badges forces peoples to use tryhard builds, and discourage the use of fun builds which require more thinking in battle
No they don't No one cares about them
I think a long win streak reward a lot more score for each win. I skipped silver and went straight to gold from bronze after 7 wins
I imagine it weights your wins like if you are in bronze and win every round you should probably be silver or higher then if you lose a handful it can adjust you to your skill level
Made an lvl 99 Ornstein build, held forward and spammed r1, got Gold under an hour.
Ornstein Is always OP :)
Dawg I went from iron to gold in like 1 hour I’m so gud. Am I good? NOTICE ME SENPAI!
The amount of lothric knight sword users i've met in silver is depressing... Goodbye gold
i got gold with ledo's hammer :D
Pulverized my way to gold with the splitleaf greatsword in the sl.80-100 bracket in less than 2 hours. That thing is just freaking stupid op at 40 strength and vigor, 24 endurance, 21 vitality, and 16 dex to wield it. Even had a hot streak of 30 wins in a row. Though I don't recall after how many wins I got to gold. must have been about 20-25 ish...
How come most comments have a ton of dislikes? Sheesh, such salty tryhards.
Somehow went from no honor to an iron honor on a loss.
Iron honor is gained after a select amount of matches, from my experience
I believe there's something with hitting your opponent (or dealing damage; positive honor points) and getting hit (or taking damage; losing points). I changed my build to ranged and sometimes i don't get hit at all during the match and I basically skyrocketed from Iron to Gold in about 3 hours (wrong build with about 0-20 losing streak preceded).



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Probably because if you rarely even took any damage, you won pretty much all of the matches; and because of those consecutive wins, your ranking went up