Well in the game he defeats "Yasuke" a black man who was the first Samurai of none Asian decent appointed by Oda Nobunaga. European Fantasy Fiction indeed!
What a *...
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So in short nice looking western guy travels to Japan , the "golden land" to rescue his waifu. Who is trapped behind glas, too. Seems the developers knew exactly for whom they made this game.
Stop projecting yourself onto others.
a joke!!! MY FEELS!!!! RACIST!!!! PROJECTING!!!
Biggest pansy in the game. Even the common soldier/ samurai is more sturdy than him.
Ever played any Dark Souls game? The almighty "Chosen One" (oooh) is paper for the stupidest enemy there is. The idea behind that, is that he is supposed to defeat evil despite it being strong and OP as *****, or maybe to add realism into the game, because let's face it: if you were to be under a giant metal ball, you'd probably die where you stand. If anything, it's a not-so-obvious form of padding. You'll spend more time in a game with the difficulty locked to "Nightmare" than you would in a game where you need about 65 hits to go down. Bonus: Good reflex / quick thinking / strategy on the fly training.
The thing is that both you and enemies are generally do the same amount of damage. Imagine how interesting the game would be if every boss died from two hits. "Real" fights usually didn't last even that long.
If this is too hard for you go back to playing child games.
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Thanks for the warning, I saw one comment and turned back around.
Dude are you autistic?