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playing the X1 back compatible Dark souls and was invaded by a spirit of vengeance after i had made sure to remove all sin with oswald, went into sunlit Anor Londo to kill orny and slough dog and used humanity to try and co-op, i had killed shivas bodyguard, but had cleared that business up for sure because i made sure to rejoin. so perhaps forest hunters is viewed as conflicting?
Hunters get 1 perminant sin.... you get 1 eternal sin (un absolvable) for talking to Avina... i guess hunters and darkmoons, despite both being blue, hate each other more than darkmoons hate sinful wraiths
This covenant is pointless to join anymore because nearly all sinners that you could possibly invade are intact hackers with no health gage, stamina, or limit on what they can use; this includes their spells, miracles, and even their weight capacity. For example I encountered a player wearing Ornstien's armor, and greatsword, great shield, and still had enough to use the dark oak ring to roll after me and repeatedly backstab me while spamming wraith of the gods and an unknown spell that i have never witnessed in my years of playing.
The unknown spell is a black WoG that was taken out of the game before release. It is instead used on the miracle "karmic justice". So yeah, you invaded a hacker.
The covenant isn't completely useless I'm in NG+1 and I'm already at +2 in the covenant, still haven't met one hacker
Install PVP watchdog, it will transparently stop you from being invaded by or invading a hacker (checks for things like impossible HP vs. level, equip in the wrong slot, etc. and will drop the connection to the hacker before you see it):
I invaded as a blue phantom in Dark Anor Londo (DS Remastered). Apparently the host had entered the boss fight since Gwyndolin's health bar appeared. The host killed the boss and I received the trophy for killing Gwyndolin. Is this supposed to happen or was that a glitch?
Its a glitch, but hey free souls
He won't give me the blue eye orb after joining the covenant
If what the wiki says is true, then this covenant has been ruined. WTF is there to fear of being invaded by a blade of the darkmoon now if the level restrictions aren't extremely open? To me, the whole point of the covenant is to be a group that invaders should fear. The only way to truly do this is to allow for downward invasions, so that you are a real threat to the invader. If the only people that you are ever able to invade now are meta level pvp experts, then at best you are walking into an even 1v1, and at worst, you're walking into a gank with 2-4 players that are close to, or even above your level. Please tell me the wiki is wrong..
so wiki doesnt write it, i heared if u abond the covenant amd join another one and then join back ure voted souvenires are halved, is tis true ?
Yes, any covenant you leave will halve your previous contrubutions when you rejoin them. I.e. if you gave 30 souvenirs to hit rank 2 then left, when you rejoin you'll be rank 1 again and you'll have to give 15 more souvenirs to hit rank 2, again.
I had no sin and was invaded by a blue and a red in the forest area before Artorias.
The blue guy who invaded ypu was from the forest hunter covenant and not from the darkmoons
He said the forest before Artorias not the forest before sif.
If you go through Gywndolin’s fog wall as a phantom it doesn’t cause sin.