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i want to kill bad souls
He doesn't sell soul spear or homing soul mass.
Yes he does, but first you need to do the following: (1) Free Logan from Sen's Fortress (he'll go to Firelink Shrine, buy from him your first copies of Soul Spear and Homing Soulmass); (2) Make him leave Firelink Shrine (the usual trigger is to place the Lordvessel on the Altar, talk to Frampt); (3) After Logan leaves, Griggs will sell your 2nd copies of those two spells, enjoy!
I accidentally scraped him with the tip of my sword when destroying nearby barrel for sorcerer's set. *****er started throwing soul arrows at me right away.
That children, Is why we roll into the barrels
So I went back into the lower Undead Burg with the hounds and assassins to try my luck at the assassins set. Keep in mind I'm at the end game just tying up loose ends and finishing armor sets. I've already killed a Hollow Griggs... but apparently he has a twin that stands exactly where he was, but he is stalwart and silent.
But... But... You get the complete Thief set as an Item drop in one of the houses...
Pretty sure OP meant the armor set of the hollows in the area. Not the thief set.
The hollow assassins wear a different set. Nothing special about it except for completionists
I **** killed Griggs before I knew you could have your sins forgiven. Anyone willing to trade a bellowing ring? I have Bioshock Infinite that's been sitting in my gift box for years now =)
SteamID is Pharaoh or
Yeah sure, what time are you free to trade?
I didn't even find hin in my first playthrough and I'm sure I ran around, opening every door I could find. Besides, you can hear him yelling when you walk past his door. So is there any circumstance where he doesn't show up, because I'm too later?