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farmed the boulder giant for half an hour, just need one more chunk but it never dropped
The giants before Ornstein and Smough drop chunks at a decent rate
I farmed the boulder giant for an hour with +410 discovery and got absolutely nothing
You can't farm the Boulder Giant. There's only one in the game that doesn't respawn. The Boulder Giant is the one in Sen's Fortress. You might have misunderstood it for the 'Giants' who use boulders in Blighttown?
The Sen's Fortress Giants only drop a chunk ONCE and that's upon their first death(s). After that I don't think they will drop another one.
Farming titanite Chunks can be a real pain int he *** if you aren't mentally and physically prepared for it. By far the easiest way to deal with the Darkwraith Knights is to fight them with pyromancies like Fire Orb, Fireball, or Great Chaos Fireball. Wear the Crown of Dusk (boosts sorceries, pyromancies, and miracles power by 20%), the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (boosts damage of sorceries and pyromancy by 20-25%), or both since they stack with each other, and you can basically go around 1-shotting all of the Darkwraith Knights. For me, the biggest thing is just getting down there. If you decide to run past the Drakes to get there, it's best to equip the Effigy Shield to boost lightning resistance if you have to stop running and block to avoid death. Other than that, run like hell!
You can just parry them. When you got to New Londo it takes probably 2-3 parrys. Just kill one by one and do othing stupid. If you're going for a NG+ the best thing is to farm the black nights in Klin of the First Flame I got like 40 Chunks just after 2-3 hours.