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I know he only sells one but Oswald of Carim sells you Karmic Justice (A Miracle) and also Velka's Talisman
So does seigmeyer when he gives you emit force but he doesn't count either
Mage Smith is missing
I hope they find him ;_;
Minor npc not in your walkthrough or in the minor npc list. Dont know who it is but i think they were wearing the gold mage set. They dropped izailith staff and didnt respawn. They appeared right before bed of chaos fight. Exactly where kirk invades. I thought it might be the human spider sister. But i dont think so. Why drop a staff when shes a pyro? Was playing remastered and hadnt beat the bed yet. Also offline.
My bad. I guess this was the chaos servant? I the the CS was the egg guy next to the fire keeper spider.