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Where is da sun bro
Lol nvm
after playing dark souls and the other iterations ii have started a character named Oscar and I'm going through playing as the elite knight like as if he had never died and was able to complete his duty to Astora
I am currently role playing as Kirk, Knight of Thorns.
What about the guy behind Shiva in blighttown ?
He's just a bodyguard
...with an awesome ring!
thers also Yuria the other undead merchant that the male undead merchant talks about
It's implied yuria is the male undead merchant's sword
Yuria is the bucket. I am not joking
I think that Yulia is his pet or something.
Female undead merchant is missing.

Giant father is missing.
I love dark souls
Me too
Ain't the Dragon in the Ash Lake an NPC too ?
Yes, yes it is. I noticed this mistake too.