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Miyazaki... Why do I have to rupture it's *** with my sword?


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Be sure to carry the ligntning spear you collected in sens fortress in your inventory. then once you get to dukes entrance simply run past them both and get into the elevator as they cant enter it. then make sure to 2 hand it and it did 140 damage or so per hit. just cheap them with 1 hit and roll away until dead
How I killed the undead parish boar was kinda dumb but super easy. I hadn't had the game very long and didn't really understand everything you could do yet. So I had a crazy thought. It might waste a life but maybe if I lure the boar into a charge I can get it to bash the gate open to the bonfire under the red drake. Much to my surprise when I reached the end of the stairs by the gate it turns out that's a safe zone. The boar just stopped cold. Then it started backing up and turned around. Now you can agitate it enough to kill you there if you keep swinging at it. But when it turned around I shot it in the butt. You'll have to lure down there a few times but if you have the arrows to spare it's an easy kill.
in the undead parish, you can bait the boar into charging into the bonfires, which deal a load of damage
I just avoided him, and back-stabbed him with the drake sword after opening the gate...
i got the helm from all three boar's. i don't know how it happened but it did happen.
Fun fact: You can do plunging attacks on stairs by jumping then pressing r1. You do not need to drop down anywhere. This is useful in pvp and also for killing parish boar.
I killed all 3 boars in my game but the first didn’t drop the helm and the final one didn’t drop the helm either, even though the website says it’s a guaranteed drop from the last boar
I am sorry, I did not know that there were more at the end of the Duke’s Archives
i got he helm from all three boars too