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how can i upgrade my standart armor to +6
Can you read?
do to modefy instead
You stink
Go to the blacksmith and modify equipment. You must give him the required ember before that.
It should say at the top how many L shards it takes to get to +10
you need 9 l shard to get +10
They nerfed the number of slimes at the depths bonfire for some strange reason in the remaster.
It's goofier than that: A glitch was causing some of them to disappear instead of dropping down. It's fixed now.


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Farm the 9 Oolacile Resident next to Oolacile Township bonfire, rinse repeat.
Or just farm souls at darkroot and buy them...
1 Large titanite Shard in The Depths to the left (if looking towards Gaping Dragon's boss arena) of the Channeler and the 3 Large Rats.
You can find 2 Large Tits in the chamber of the princess (amazing chest)
I had to read this twice to get it
i managed to find a relatively good farm for these. lothric castle bonfire; there's a lothric knight that spawns next to the bonfire and seems to drop these every time. or maybe i'm lucky.
oh***** i'm on the wrong wiki. sorry guys, i was talking about dark souls 3.