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Surprisingly, despite being fought in an arena full of Lava, the demon doesn't seem to use fire damage on any of its attacks so, providing the player has a 100% physical reduction shield and has put at least 30 points into stamina (or is using some equivilant) it is quite possible to tank most of the boss' hits and retaliate when possible for a fairly stressless win. One note is that, for best results, the Cloranthy ring (stamina recovery booster) is very useful for this battle.
That’s incorrect. At long range, the Centipede Demon can shoot fireballs at you. Also it has an AOE Blast when it uses its Exploding Jump attack.
It seems the demon has an additional attack: If I'm underneath it, after some time it always does a stomp killing me from full health
it may be your staying under too long, it would make sense they would do something like that for people who harass his underbelly I've seen it once.
"For someone who is not in possession of the Orange Charred Ring this can be extremely annoying."

Yeah no worries, let me just kill the Centipede Demon, obtain his ring and then use it to fight the Centipede Demon.
when you cut off the tail you get the item. Makes the fight easy after that.
Yep. You can just homeward bone out if you don't want to risk switching mid battle. But I don't believe you can have Solaire in the battle for this method. I couldn't use HB in other fights with NPC summons helping. Only after they died, then I could.
definitely one of the most annoying bosses in ds



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Just let Solaire do the work, thats an annoying boss and everyone nows it!


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I'm impressed with Solaire, did a really good job!
Pretty easy method solo level 1
How is it that you can either cut off its right arm or its tail and get the ring? Shouldn't it be one or the other? In the Hints it says both appendages drop the ring.
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