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this is so helpful because i keep dying to pinwheel at a low lvl,at least leeroy helped me
I never want to see another skeleton for as long as I play Dark Souls, holy*****.
Me and pinwheel killed each other on the same hit. I got the kindling rite but lost all souls (which were not retrieved thanks to the *****in wheel skeleys) and did NOT receive one of the masks. Con of sorcerey build in that boss fight.
Someone else got that problem, he couldn't kindle bonfires in here? In my first playthroug I kindled the first bonfire (necromancer-bonfire) to 15, but it was gone when I reached it yesterday; second bonfire (illusory-wall-bonfire) I tried to kindle today to 15 which worked once but after I died it was like not kindled at all, and finally the third bonfire (vamos-bonfire) which I kindled to 20 just gave me 15 estus.
Bonfires without a fire keeper only give you 5 Estus so you have to kindle them 3 times. That’s the only thing I can think of, since you have the rite of kindling if you are kindling past 10
the skeletons are tougher than the area boss, wtf :/ its like the area itself is a boss and pinwheel is just .. kinda there.
any of you guys ever get stuck in here?
Heh, yeah, I didn't pull the lever leading towards the tombs. I was hoping to see the map, but apparently it's in Wip. So f my life I suppose
If any new player like me thought that skeletons in Catacombs would die to any weapon that has magic damage, they don't die. It has to be a divine weapon.


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Astoras sword is a good and easy one to use if you find yourself without a divine weapon.
im stuck at vamos bonfire how do i get back up
they forgot to mention not to use the bonfire in vamos room so you can bone back to the second bonfire 1st to traverse the spike bridge leading to the dark seance ring. for people that got stuck in vamos room and wanted to go up, the only choice is to go to bonewheel's den and go left . the right path takes you the Pinwheel boss.
The wall doesnt stop the wheel ****s anymore
Does an occult weapon hold the same power divine upgraded weapons do in the catacombs?