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id for cheat engine ?
The ID is git gud lol
500 damage points is a lie. I halve his health hitting nothing but the tip of the tail and it's still on...
use a vertical attack weapon for more accuracy
Can someone who is fluent in the English language please proof-read this? It's getting to the point where it's unclear in some places and causing confusion in comments.
What do you want to know?
Moonlight is also from Armored Core the most powerful laser blade you'll get.
spotlight UH moonlight UH
i just wanted to comment that
Y u trippen get to moonlight uh
The only time I wish I didn't kill the boss too fast. Son of a b*+*+! I really wanted this weapon ~_~
Honestly, the most frustrating thing about trying to get this weapon, is that Seath will constantly turn around and the area you need to cut for his tail will keep clipping into the walls. I never knew how cramped that arena was until I tried to get this sword. Well worth it, though.
I have had a similar problem as this happened to me on Remastered last year as she I run to end of his tail he raises his tentacle like tails and slams them on the ground instantly killing me (it took up to 10 tries to cut it off), still better than Bed of Chaos as I killed the big but at the same time pillars of fire rose up killing me (trophy popped up same time as YOU DIED) had to run back to pick up souls (200.000).
Keep in mind that his "real/main" tail is in the middle of 2 tail-like appendages and that it is much larger than the other two. Make sure you attack that one and not make the same mistake I did. I killed him before realizing this and now I have to try again in my next playthrough
I literally kill him trying to cut his tail, apparently you have to attack the tip, i was attacking the base :(
I realized that wasnt the right tail at the last second, 2 hits more and it would have been to late. In cases like this i could be useful to close the game and reload. You'll be in front of the fog gate, but remember estus are not replenished. And for the moonlight lure Seath to attack while near the crystal and quickly run behind you, you'll get a good window of time to severe its tail. Otherwise it can be tricky cause he keeps insta-turning on himself every time you try to reach that tail.
*behind him
Indeed, thou art.