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It says if i abandon the covenant, i loose the ability to use the dragon eye, and offer dragon scales. But if i join again, am i able to use the eye and offer scales again?


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Yes. Keep in mind whenever you leave a covenant you effectively "lose" half of the items that you have offered to increase your rank. Example: You've offered 10 dragon scales to get to covenant rank +1 and you leave. If you were to rejoin, you would be rank 0 and it would be like you had only offered 5 scales. Offering another 5 would renew your status to rank +1. If you offered 80 to get to rank +3, leave and rejoin, you will be rank +2 and have to offer another 40 scales to get back up to rank +3. Also, although you can use the Dragon Head Stone and Dragon Torso Stone even while you are not a part of the covenant, you will not have access to any of the rank-based enhanced effects as long as you are not a covenant member. When you rejoin, whatever rank you are then dictates how effective those skills are.
Can hosts summon dragon spirits in DSR after they killed a boss? Does the Dragon Eye summoning item work with the password matchmaking system in DSR?
it doesn't work like a friendly summon sign, it acts as a red spirit summon signs for honourable duels, except the winner gets a dragon scale. Thats the only difference.
Fun for when someone summons you and realizes they can't leave the duel until someone dies; unlike red sign soapstone.
I indict people who put these down.
You should not
chad covenant
do the dragon scales i’ve offered in NG carry over to NG+??


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The buff from last rank will decrease if you leave the covenant?