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Doesn´t give you 200 item discovery.
gold serpent ring doesn't work either for backward compat on xbox one
its 200 POINTS INCREASE not an enemy will drop 200 ITEMS LOL that would be funny
If this thing let you get 200 items from a corpse that would be dumb. By the time you finish looting the 200 Claymores on the Bridge by the Undead Parish I would have already beaten the game with the Caestus. THE CAESTUS!
It does for me
It should be noted here on the Wiki that the Symbol of Avarice doesn't appear to drain health while the player character is doing the animation for a backstab or riposte.
well nothing that would normally drain health in attack animations like ripostes or backstabs


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How can I counteract the debuff
Leeroys Sanctus shield can help
Estus flask
Sun Princess Ring will heal you 2 hp every second so the debuff will only take away 3 hp.
Ring of the Evil Eye if you're farming area with many enemies.
Muito bom
The item description contradicts what we see in the game. The description states that the headpiece was "imposed on a long lost clan, exiled for the sin of avarice". This leads us to believe that Mimics are actually humans of that tribe that wear the headpiece. However, the Mimics are decidedly NOT human, they are taller and thinner than the PC and NPCs and the mouth and tongue are fully functional. So what exactly are they, weird looking humans or monsters that look like chests?
It doesn’t say it was a human clan
02 dec anonymous, i'd say that's true, and i want to add something to that. Humans, in dark souls, can totally be monsters. Look at the people of oolacile, and Manus himself! And hollows! And ds3's aldritch wasn't born a black slime, maybe he was a human who got monster too!
This thing is damn nice if you've got the health/estus for it. Just don't wear it at bosses and you'll be fine.
It also slightly increases Poise by 15.
With lloyd talismans and a few precise throws, I got it in 2 mins. Tested without lloyds and it was a nightmare I no one wish to experience...