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52 hours in, had no idea I could do a jump attack...
Just one of those things you need to experiment to find. Be curious and explore. Maybe it is documented somewhere in the game. But maybe not. DS is definitely not known for hand-holding.
Who the H*** thought those controls were a good idea.
My Menu isn't opening, any suggestions? (Pc version)
PC controls are bad and don't even work. I'll just refund and wait for Remastered Dark Souls
The moment pc controls are actually better, because you can run while turning the camera + much more faster and with more accuracy.. just try aiming fire bombs on the controller. Its harder in my opinion, I tested both.
The controller would be better if you could run and select items while moving, but unfortunately a normal ps4 controller has 5 fking buttons dedicated to one thumb, unless you dont want to play twister with your fingers.
How do I open the inventory? I can't equip new gear tried pretty much every button
End button ;)
After *****ing up my brain with mods for fixing graphics and controls for PC version all I can tell to developers of this game: "Git gud at programming, face*****s"
To aim a bow in the right hand (RH2 for me on 360), select the bow press RB to ready it then press LB. Reverse for left hand. The game never tells you this can be done.
How do I walk?
For everyone who can't open the menu(SaO abridged anyone?) on PC, there is button under your home button next to your del and page down button above the arrow keys. That button says "end" and just like the instructions above say, you press that button to open the menu.