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Haven't seen this mentioned, so:

The Giant Blacksmith is close by. Before you enter the arena, use all your souls to buy upgrade materials. If possible, use them. This option can mitigate a lot of the frustration, if you are a mediocre player like me. I don't mind dying a lot if every attempt can literally make you stronger.

(Depending on your gear/playstyle, you might want to kill a few extra enemies to gain enough souls to buy two Twinkling Titanites per try. For instance Giant Armor +5 can help a lot both here and in later stages of the game.)
Ornstein is kinda cute
Petition to change Gliding Stab's name to "Zoomy Funny" because a bull**** attack deserves an equally stupid name.


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I didn't know what rewards i would get by defeating either of the two first. I got my *** 'lighting speared' about 10 times until i managed focusing in the fat guy despite it taking more time due to him having way more HP.
I glad i'll managed to do that way coz Smough's set is utterly horrible and can be over-passed both in physical's defense by fully upgraded Giant's Armor and Havell's by its outstanding poise value.
Also, Ornstein's set is much more fashionable and gives you excellent protection against lightning, quite good for farming dragon scales and demon titanite if you know what i talking about.
Plus it gives you a nice ring to boost counter damage for some thrusting type weapons.
The only drawback is the special weapon you can get with his soul. Ornstein's spear doesn't have great damage output while it compensates a bit buy thrusting fast and stun-locking most regular enemies with R1, fighting with spears is not my preferred play style but that's just me..
The tremendous base damage and AoE of Smough's Hammer is rather tempting though.
can we petition their names to be Dodge Left for Ornstein and BMI God for Smough.
Does a patch exist where every time you die to these MF’s a human *** gets added to the trophy room wall? If so, where can I get it? If not, *thumps table* why not??