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lo and behold, the easy gank!
This boss encounter really emphasized to me the importance of upgrades. SL70 and 14 vitality means i need to get better at dodging, or get more HP. 20 Strength and 30 Dex meant my +10 Clay was doing less than my +10 Scythe, and an un-upgraded Fire rapier was only going to tickle them. Haven’t upgraded any armor yet, but i may need to think about that. Basically you can’t rush this one without upgrading your equipment unless you’re a pro at dodging and have plenty of time to spend here
Btw, Ornstein also appeared in Armored Core for Answer (directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki)
Ffffuuuck this booooss! Jesus Christ, took me like 4 hours nonstop to finally kill. At first I got to super Ornstein (first try actually) but their cheap movesets kept killing me over and over again. In the end I got fed up and went for super Smough which was SO much easier thanks to its infinitely cheesable AI. It's a shame because there's nothing I wanted from Smough but I was seriously ticked off by that time and didn't care much about the rewards so much as just getting it over with.
there is one thing i hate more than boss - jerks invading in the hall. total holes. i just dont get the reason they are doing this right here.
At first i used to hate these guys, now they are one of my favorite bosses in general.
Personally i thinks it's best to keep your distance from them until only one charges at you, then fight that one until his buddy comes closer
to anyone who beat them solo, you derisive a medal