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I love how Artorias is the only DS 1 boss that doesn’t give us a humanity when defeated, he’s such a pure knight ^3^
That's just sad. A noble knight who's soul was tainted so much by the dark that his humanity is no more...
I’m not sure if you are trolling or you are just a dumb dumb
Rogue Lineage be like
Literally 2nd try never touched the dlc b4 like.. weaksauce...
Softcore dlc fight..
He was right-handed. You cannot change my mind.
He was probably ambidextrous
To the guy that mentioned to upgrade the silver knight shield to +5, thank you.
Going at him with ED 40, silver knight shield 5+ and s k spear 5+ was a total groundbreaker. Practically blocking and smacking him with the spear
yes, the higher shield stability the more damage you can block
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Best boss in the game.
Greatshield + spear is broken in this fight.
Seja um bom undead e lute de igual para igual com ele! Nada de escudos so rolamento ! Sejam guerreiros !