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None of the necromancers stored the skull lantern including the last one. None of the other wiki's list it as being guaranteed to drop from the last one so I don't think that it is.
I played on Xbox One and the last Necromancer dropped.
Now on PS3, he didn't. My guess is, one of them (not the last one) dropped and I died or didn't see.
So, the lantern vanisehd and I didn't get a 100% drop from the last Necromancer.
link me pls
Sunlight Maggot is massively better than this . The skull lantern only works when constantly holding block and not while jumping, rolling and sliding while removing you're ability to fight effectively since you can't carry a shield now or block.. not a good idea in a place as treacherous as Tombs with so many fall areas and lethal enemies. It's certainly better than nothing but I'd highly recommend getting the sunlight Maggot first which makes tombs so much easier!!
On my current playthrough the 2nd and the last necromancer dropped a lantern. One lantern might be a certain drop, but there seems to be an additional dropchance for every necromancer.
Hey I'm going to do a run with this weapon only (god help me)
Why the hell would the game specify something so apparent? Duh, dumbass.
Its so sad you can’t throw fireballs with this like the necromancers:(
You can in Demons Souls :)
I went too far into catacombs and got to tomb of the giants, yet had no light source, now i'm stuck and can't go anywhere else. I can't do much in tombs. :(
Beware that the Necros can and will fall off ledges to their death. I noticed three important mechanics while trying to get this. 1. Killing a Necro, quitting to menu, and reloading seems to despawn their bodies. So if a Necro falls all the way to bottom the player needs to make it to their body if they can find it. 2. I believe Bonfire use will despawn their bodies as well. I assume player death is the same. 3. They seem to be tagged as normal enemies and will not provide easy access to their loot. The Pharis and Lautrec quit/reload mechanic won't work for this.
damn i thought i had to use it in my right hand
It would have saved me a LOT of trouble if I knew to equip it in the shield hand! The game doesn't even specify!
Why the hell would the game specify something so apparent? Duh. If you couldn't figure that out you shouldn't be playing the game.