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Dark sorceries seem to do extremely high damage. At just 32 Int., I was able to dish just under 1000 HP of damage per casting of Dark Bead with Bellowing Dragoncrest (the beads all seemed to align with the drake's neck, maximizing the output), and Pursuers also helped quite a bit. I just had to keep jumping down and climbing back up the midway staircase to avoid its fire breath, which could be sort of tricky since I didn't have much of a clue as to its location/orientation before coming back up the steps. Only took about three tries until I got it down.
Stupid red bird. On ng+ it has like 3000-4000 hp so it's impossible to Zerg him anymore, firebreath though has very high damage, I got vanished multiple times when he flies up and breath directly down (> 1200 hp in one hit with 300 fire resist)
ikr looks like he's programmed to hit kill you or at least take almost your entire HP with he fire attack, the game doenst care about how high your fire resistance is
Hate this f#cking creature. Hate, hate, hate. Tried countless times to follow various guides on how to kill and every time I get him close to death he just starts spamming his takeoff & overhead instakill attack, or moves up to the sheltered sides of the bridge and spams same. Flash sweat, dragon crest shield, +5 black knight sword, +2 estus doesn't matter. F#ck this creature in the spine.
absolutely agree, this thing is a **** to fight, not only is it near impossible to kill, but there's like a 1/5 chance every time that he walks across the bridge that he'll freak out and do an attack that you can't avoid and will one shot you no matter what, which on it's own is *******, but even if you have a really good weapon it'll probably take you 10-20 times of him crossing the bridge to kill it. the only way i've found it's even remotely possible to kill it is by standing in this exactly perfect spot next to his left foot when he goes up in the air to do that otherwise unavoidable and one-shot attack and when he comes back down whack his foot one or two times and he'll fly up and do it again, however, more than likely, you will die from not being in the exact right spot when he goes up in the air



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Wanna know a instakill cheese on the c#nt? Go to where the black knight with the ultra greatsword is take a bow and shoot him. He should move to the bridge. But since you would be in the parish by this point and the wyvern is technically in the burg, the bridge should still be there but not load. So when the dragon hits/lands on the bridge he should fall through


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The first time around its cake, but on NG+ its a basstard that should be mounted on a wall! F that thing man! Finally killed him in NG+ but I probably tried 20+ times!
I ran past him and lit the Bonfire beneath him, then he flew off, how do i get him back?
Try quitting/saving and reloading and go to a bonfire. Worked for me.
I ran back to the other end of the bridge, and he reappeared to roast the bridge just as before
I wish I could yell "no puppy guarding!" and have him disgruntledly fly to a different area for a while as I run to the bonfire. I'm glad he's optional though.
the health point is not right i think....... I shoot more than 100 wooden arrows and each deals 60 damages but he still haven't yet :/
He has regenerating ability
Pick a cleric, acquire 25 faith (or less, depending how much co-op bosses you defeated), avoid him once to the sunlight altar, pick lighting spear, roast him down.
that prick glitched in my NG+ and just don't jump down from the wall, i've waited for like, 10 minutes and nothing, and he only attack if i get close to the gate, so he spam firebreath making impossible to cross, and i want to finish the run without a bow, ***** off i hate this*****


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"run/dodge down the stairs on either side that lead to where you first met Solaire." those stairs don't lead to where you first meet Solaire though, doesn't that part lead to the bonfire and the other part is where them two skeletons and rats are. Solaire is all the way down the opposite side of the bridge where you came from being the Taurus Demon unless there's a path I'm not aware of.
Yeah I think that was an error on the editors part.
I bought the remaster yesterday. I slayed his tail for the sword, but as I obtained the sword, I also obtained 10k Souls. I was like "Hah, neat." went up to check if he is there.. but he wasn't. So he died after I cut is tail. The final Hit for his tail was, when he landed on the bridge... my guess is, that he must have landed very strange and the final tail hit must have then somehow blew him off the bridge.. leading him to die from "falling" or something. I saved the video where it happened. Maybe I will upload it for further inspection.
It'll come back if you enter it from the front or from the shortcut steps on the side.
If he got 10k souls then the dragon is dead and won't return.
Same here. I was shooting arrows at his tail and when it got cut off, he fell off the bridge killing him.
I have two theories and the one I belive is the one that is from my own observations. Either it's an extremly rare bug that happens randomly with a strong indication that it's when you shoot on his tail while he's on the bridge which results in his death, but not from falling. (I don't belive it's this one). ------ My second theory is this: In my current playthrough I've become much better with the bow. Just moments before I destroyed his tail I noticed that his health was around 15-20%. I also noticed that his health wasn't replenishing when he returned to his original spot. Right after I destroyed his tail and received the sword I tried, just for fun, if it was possible to kill him with arrows. Everytime he was landing and flew back to his original place he just suddenly started replenishing his health to max instead. My guess is that if people manage to deal enough of damage (somehow) before having the tail destroyed, he will instead die from the damage he has received. I belive it's because of this reason that he's not recovering and instead runs out of health down to zero, thus dying