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In english pls
And alongside all the covenant spells I need, this game just became a major killjoy to play... I hate these kinds of trophies. Most of the real irritation and frustration with Dark Souls hails not from the gameplay itself, but the exasperation of collecting crap like this.
I'm already going to have nearly every weapon required & tails cutoff by NG+2. The killjoy for me is and forever will be the Invaders messing up my game that I payed money for.
Invaders are a mechanic in the game you paid for, they aren't "messing up" your game. Either get good enough to deal with invaders if you need to go human and summon help, or get good enough to beat the bosses on your own. It's a compromise.
Then play offline casual


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i did have all rare weapons and all spells but my ps3 had to *****ing crash when i died so my data corrupted, oh well time to farm the boss souls.
Confirming that you do not need the Demon Spear for this achievement on Dark Souls Remastered
This may be a dumb question but do the weapons need to be +0 as with trading to the crow? Or will they still count if upgraded? I just want to make sure I'm not getting the achievement due to not getting the glitch (as I got all the items but a few are on a different character) as opposed to the weapons all needing to be +0 to register. Again I'm sure this is a dumb question but I wanted to double check before having to mule the channelers trident & some others to my main.
EVERY weapon needs to be on the same character genius
I collected all the weapons on the list and I didn't get the achievement on my Xbox please help
This list is missing quite a few best guess is just collect every weapon/ shield/ casting mediums
Can confirm that you do NOT need Smough's hammer to get this achievement. Just got it without getting the hammer.