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If you consume the Anastacia's soul (as I did, not knowing the consequence) does it alter the story somehow? Or anything?
The story will remain unaltered, but you will no longer be able to use the bonfire at Firelink Shrine. Kind of a waste to use her soul if you ask me.
Can i somehow bring her back after i consumed her fire keeper soul?
Start NG or cheat, so no
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've noticed Anastacia, the Anor Londo firekeeper, and Shanalotte are the only firekeepers in the entire Dark Souls series so far that aren't blind.
There is one more fire keeper that she is not blind if u unlock her to be fire keeper on dark souls 3 , the sister of morne of carim
No, she's blind, too.
That firekeeper in ds3 from carim is also blind. That Shiva is the only fk that isn't blind (if she's a fk at all considering her betrayal)
The Anor Londo Firekeeper might be blind, we don't know that, since she's wearing a helmet. And as far as I can tell, Anastacia might not be able to see as well; I don't remember her directly stating that she could see.
What's also interesting is that the Firekeeper from DS3 is actually able to "see" you in a way (although she is blind). She tracks your character with her head, and she responds to gestures one way or another. So it can safely be assumed that Firekeepers can actually see at least the Cinders of the Flames despite technically being blind.
My question is that why she says she's impure ?
She got porked before marriage?
Mostly she's just overly devout and is terrified of the dark within her. Fire Keepers attract Humanity, which eat away at their souls and fill them with darkness. She fears contact with others in the event that this Humanity escapes and the flame darkens. At the same time, Humanity and darkness seem to represent feelings of love and admiration, which Gwyn dictates are useless emotions that can only destroy the world.
Hey everyone! I made the same mistake as a lot ds 1 beginner, used her soul accidentally to upgrade my flask. :c
But i found the way to revive her!
- Launch Dark Souls
- Launch Cheat Engine
- Start the game
- Go to your inventory --> Consumables (THE FIRST LIST WITH THE ESTUS FLASK ICON!!! ITS IMPORTANT! If u try this with weapon or armor, this method won't work)
- Choose an item from the list you want to modify(i used a copper coin)
- Go to cheat engine, select dark souls.exe(or DATA.exe was for me), check the Hex box
- Input the memory value of the item you want to modify(the HEX ID of copper coin: 0000017D, HEX ID list linked below)
- Drop the item
- Look for the value FFFFFFFF
- Add it to adress list
- Pick up the item
- Double click the value on adress list
- Change it to 00000186 (this is the HEX ID of Anastacia's soul)
- DONE You have the right fire keeper soul, now go to Firelink shrine to Anastacia's cage and revive her ^^

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If something was unclear, here is a video about item swapping with cheat engine:
And here is a list about the items with HEX IDs:
thank you :D
fkin casul
Or you can wait for ng+. You only lose the firelink shrine bonfire and it's not that big of a deal. If you play online, you put yourself at the risk of getting banned. At least, if you use CE, stay offline.


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I heard somewhere that you can set her free from the cell and she will be in the tree next to the bonfire, is it true?
That's lautrek dumbass
That's a myth originated from a Promotional screenshot that features "Anastasia or Astora" sat at the tree.
Can I invade and kill Lautrec after Ornstein and Smough are dead
yes you can
Why will Lautrec kilo her?
Maybe because he sees through Gwyns lies.
The other guy is wrong, he does it because he wants to retrieve humanity for the goddess of love, Fina. He believes that she loves him and because fire keeper souls give lots of humanity he wanders the world searching for offerings, Vaatividya made a great video on Lautrec and you should check it out.