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I feel like an idiot and completely missed him when I went through the DLC
SL1 build cutting his tail off with black flames ... good memories
He's pretty easy to fight in melee. All his physical attacks are 100% blockable, and there's usually enough time to get 1-3 hits in between them or drink a bit of Estus. You won't lose as long as you don't get greedy and always make sure you've got around half your stamina available to block. Highly recommend a stamina boosting item (or a combination of two, since they stack) so that you can quickly recover stamina after blocking/attacking. Fire resist ring works well here in combination with a high resist armor such as upgraded Wanderer's/Pyromancer's. If you don't have the time or inclination to upgrade anything, gold-hemmed set is a good choice. Rolling speed isn't important. You can block your way to victory.


Battle Tested

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The fight is literally the Sif fight if Sif did a ranged attack and stomped. All I had to do was get under him whenever he moved and just hacked away at his legs because even with his stomping, he can’t touch you
3 vs that dragon, it takes a long time
With the greatshield of artorias and great magic barrier you're practically immortal
After many attempts I waited for his tail slam and once he did it I ran to the tip of it and cut off his tail in only 2 hits from my +15 laito with power within.