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So when putting Black Pearls into Skills that I want for my Build does everyone have to put a skill into things they don't want? Because the only way to unlock Light Armor 1 I have to select Daggers but I want to put skills in Reapers. And then continuing up to have Light Armor 2 you at least have to select a few more skills into bows or crossbows. Is this meant to happen?
after getting the light armor rank, remove the unwanted skills youre gonna need
Perks like Daggers, Bows and Crossbows also give you 1 point on certain stats, like Willpower and Dexterity, so they are not entirely useless. You can also remove the ones you dont want by using Grey Pearls.
Yeah, this is completely normal and not a major issue. Equipment skills (i.e. Daggers) will also give you stats, so in that regard it's the same as grabbing a standard Dex node. This is especially true if you have to grab the level 1 Dagger node, since it also costs 1 point like a Dex node.
is it possible to get ALL the skills?
Sure, if you want to grind up to level 549.
Just noticed the skill tree has about a dozen of invisible nods. I did a quick search to see if anyone else had discovered this, and found the following:



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Is there no way to access these on consoles?
Interesting feature :D
very confusing skilltree, I have no idea where to begin with it or even how to. doesn't help it's hard to see and no discernible way to tell which part is which... I had to shut the game down to try and find info as I am not re-rolling again tonight, took me like 30 attempts to kill the first boss.
30? Dude, I think that's just your fault, man. 30 attempts for the Sodden Knight is terrible, regardless of how bad you've allocated your points.


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I think they meant Kraken, in which case it's still sad since Kraken has 3 attacks.
Throw fire pots at it. Doesn't matter where your points are. Takes like 3 hits.
I don't even think it's possible to access enough endurance to wear the heaviest armours.
If you upgrade each node 5 times instead of only once, that might change though ;)
You need 50 points in endurance alone to have the best heavy armor, shield, and a strong 2h equipped. I had 4p Umbral, Iron Bulwark, and Jaws of Death.
Might be a silly question, but what benefits does filling out a node have, over picking a new one of the same type? (i.e. taking 3 different dex nodes vs investing 3 pearls into 1)
No real benefit, but if you want another point in dex - and there's no dex node directly next to your current node - you can just choose to put another point into your unlocked dex node instead.

For example, if you want alot of strength early game where you only have the first nodes of the tree, where the dex, wp, end and str nodes mix together alot, you can instead just put them all into a single node.
This just seems so needless as compared to the standard level up menu Dark Souls utilizes. Can someone explain to me the benefits here?
Far more control, better rewards, and it allows for far deeper gameplay and roleplay
Do you have to do the skils in order? For example, im doing a paladin build w/ great hamm-axes and around level 4 the breserker level 5 is only two nodes away._. Can i buy it if 1 havent put any points into lvl 2, 3, or 4?
No, you must have all the other berseker skills before you can get class 5.
There's actually a hidden class set called the "Reaper" directly in the space below the "Pikeman class 3" and then "Reaper class 2" top right of "Reaper class 1".
The "Reaper" classes are buyable (although I were only able to buy "Reaper class 1")

Also, the background ring is what it follows up with up until "Reaper class 5" next to the "Renewed will" (top left and left of it)
Where can I found that class and how?