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if you two hand this weapon and do a heavy attack (triangle) it does massive damage as shears, but uses a lot of stamina.
Yeah the scissor attack (especially with an elemental attack) completely decimates bosses.
It meltes bosses
Without "scissoring" the weapon seems to do significantly less damage than an equivalent greatsword. IMO stick with a greatsword, for slightly less max damage you can use all the available moves to the fullest.
Whistlebone charm
Where are the Wrathful Dead Binding's located at?
best place to get these is left then down-right from the far beach sanctuary.
where do they spawn at?



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Can be farmed in Hager's Cavern. Go out from the Sanctuary and head down until you see the Wraithful Dead floating. She drops them pretty often if your willpower is pretty high and your drop rate is over 100.00 without using the Kismet Stone ring.


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Hager's Cavern, they drop from the floating wraith with a mask. There's one to the left from the Sanctuary, just after the 2 angsty skeletons.
Hagers cavern just down left from sanctuary easy farm.
If you don't invest in Str and use it? It's a B Scaling, so I don't really see much coming from a Str investment. I want to use it as a last resort on my Mage Build. And I am hoping it's almost as powerful as someone who invested into Str, given the low scaling.


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If you want a good last resort, two-hander for a mage, you'll either want the Black Widow, or the Northern Cross. Both scale off magic and do Arcane and Lightning damage respectively, though Black Widow only has a C/B scaling in Magic, while Northern Cross has an S.
I'm using a str/magic build, and jaws of death still outscales everything. The strong attack combined with it's speed, a buff and the flask of defilement basically one-shot everything even in ng+. The northen cross has S scaling, but it's base damage is really low, has splitted damage, and heavier.
Scaling in this game is based off of the weapon's base damage, so even if it's a B scaling, because it has a high base damage it scales better than some S scaling Greatswords.
i prefer schar than this of its sheer damage . didnt like the cutting cuz u cant hit enemies that are back of u

Anyone up for a cosplay?
Get the Jaws of Death and then grab some Alkymancer robes, you get a Sheele! :D
just be more careful of the dogs if youre going to do that ;)
scissor special attacks are great but dont even think about playing this weapon vs bosses on later ng's. this raw dmg weapon is nice to shred normal mobs away even in ng 7 but u should think about much stamina.
Lotsa bursts on its 2h heavy attacks but sucks lemons on all its other attacks makes it require another sword on the second gear set, preferably something with good reach and equal verticality like the Trinity Greatsword.
I beat the game with this weapon once I found out how powerful it is. This (2h) + whistlebone charm. Strong attack-ed all the bosses to death.
this thing destroys everything once you have. The strong attack 2H just annihilate bosses