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Does this set drop in impen? I know some pieces do but has anyone ever actually found all the pieces in impen?
Great for magic Templars
How does healing apply to spell crit and spell damage. If either/both are higher then you have better healing? or is it some other mechanic to make healing better?
Well Spell Damage, Spell Crit, and Max Magicka will all increase your heals, how big they are how much they Crit etc. So for example with Magicka Templar this is a great set because of say Hasty Prayer that does an amazing Area Heal on cast time and this set increases it! Then you got my favorite Puncturing Sweep which heals you based on the damage done, and also has a cast time!
Does it glow
Where's the rings?
Does this set improve the soul magic ultimate Soul Strike? Or better yet what channeled abilities doesn't it not effect? Someone said it doesn't affect vampire abilities?Also it says cast time abilities everything that's not channeled is a cast time ability even the weapon abilities is there a list of what it applies to?
Does Soulshine affect Magicka Detonation?
Anyone know if this set increases sorc Overload Heavy attack damage? TY