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Tough boss, follows you while he is attacking, can attack repeatedly (More if you try to use estus) and does a lot of damage, even if you have a good upgraded armor. Its just three hits and you are dead. Second phase its more powerful and if you are near his sword you receive damage, beside that if you do enough damage he will use orbs almost instantly. Strategy use Murakumo +10 or arced sword+10, Second dragon ring, Red tearstone ring, Chloranthy ring, ring of blades and low weight equipment. Dont summon anyone and use every you have to attack. For me this is just a Cheap boss, but at least after this battle you get a useful crown (if you use pyromancy, spells or hex) and you can fight Sir Alonne that is a real challenge and a great boss, like Artorias. ¿Worth the effort? Yes. ¿is it a Cheap and Annoying boss? Of course, but you get good things, unlock a good fight and learn how to mess with the system to win this battle. Those who do Speedrun or are having a really bad time; ¡Good luck!
Quality build here, 50str/50dex, used the drakewing greatsword+5 its 2HR2 dealt nearly 1k damage on him, with the bracing knuckle ring+2 he was done after 10 strikes. Most important thing i noticed is to avoid healing with estus, better use the top tier radiant gems instead. And agility, most if not all of his strikes can be avoided with 110 agility.
agility is for casuls
The summon can be usefull because it gets u time to heal
NG+8 vigor> 80 1 hit with greatsword=ko. I did not expect that the boss had become so strong.
i do like 30 tries on ng.. 5 on ng+ but 1st try on ng+4, does that count as got gud?
In my opinion... Yes. But remember, there will always be the time when the game got gudder than you.
The fact that he instantly goes flame mode when you wear velstadts helm is such nice hint to the lore. i love it.
Weakness: None *****.
I hardly ever complain about DS2 hitboxes, but holy***** his thrust attacks are just absurd, it hits you even if you're behind him.
Yeah he's super powerful and dangerous but why does he run at you like he shat himself
Cheese this boss by installing an air conditioner and sucking his gas *** out the window
I just poured some water over him it works just as well