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NG+ 5 I gave up summoning 2 NPCs to help and fight 1-1. The game has too many compulsions for players. Most of the items are useless for bosses in DLCs.


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I have never beaten this guy when summoning them. I've only ever managed to Solo Fume Knight, he is actually easier Solo imo.
I defeated him for the seventh time but what I want is that I will fight and survive with the NPCs. Unfortunately, the game does not allow that. I use fire greatsword+10 with one hand for the duration of the game. I only use what I like and don't care about the weakness of the bosses until the weapon's damage to the boss is only a few millimeters HP. I had to find out what their weaknesses were. Raw greatsword+10 one hand to fight fume knight. NG+7 weapons to battle a limited variety of bosses DLCs. Such as my favorite sword is fire longsword. Slash with one hand to break the sword without losing much of Fume's HP.
The NPC summons are so pathetic for this boss it almost seems like the devs are mocking you... You can do it on your own though! I believe in you!
Thanks dad
As a caster, I actually found Ellie as a useful summon since I ended up going pure melee on this one. If you stick up close, Ellie helps tank a lot of the hits, allowing you to exploit the openings and sneak in extra hits and heals. It went faster for me in the end!
Can someone help me fight him? I've been having trouble with him for some time now. I'm on xbox one
I mean, on one hand, git gud, but on the other hand if you're still on him sure.
Gotten gud, or not having gotten gut, this boss sucks Solair's left nut and could still conpletely destroy you.. i think help is always good!
Man I always heard Fume Knight was super hard. I think Bloodborne and Sekiro have de-sensitized me to difficulty because Fume is a cakewalk compared to most bosses in those games. His combo's aren't difficult to dodge at all and the timings are super expect-able. He takes a ton of hits and I kept having to drag him away from the 1 idol I couldn't break, but his moves are very easy to avoid. Not the easiest boss by any means, but like Ornstein and Smough (who I also 1shot), this boss gets way too much hype.
I always heard Bloodborne and Sekiro were super hard, I think Minecraft and Fortnite have de-sensitized me to difficulty because Bloodborne/Sekiro is a cakewalk compared to most bosses in those games. Anyways, I am done playing all those FromSoft games for babies for now because I have a date with 3 super models and later I'm going to the gym to see if I can set another local weightlifting record. Been nice catching up though. See you later, nerds.
Maybe you’re just a natural and are one of those people that finds the entirety of life a cakewalk. Have you considered. writing a book?
niqqas be like oh wow this game from this franchise whose style I am highly used to play is easy af!!!!!!!!!!! i gotta brag it online
Guys like these cant even make it past the 1st boss without watching some cheese strats. "De-sensitized" loser bragging on a wiki page.
While the "de-sensitized" part was bragging, yes—I didn't find the boss hard either. It only took me 6 attempts to get the timing right for his attacks. tbh he was overhyped
sekiro the game where you can parry all attacks, hmm yes definitly the hardest from soft game
lmao sekiro hahaha I unserstand bloodbourne but sekio??? I'm pretty sure that is your first souls game was this, you wount even be here caouse you will uninstall the game a long time ago... ***** outta here man
dont summon npcs if you trying this boss with a human. they reduce the damage taken by boss being useless at the same time.
Steelward ellie whatever her name is was pretty helpful. She she tanks his hits like minor crabbo jabs. I dunno if she's sotfs only.
Steelie ellie or whatever shes called was pretty helpful. She tanks him like hes a minor crabbo.
not actually reducing damage taken, it's just doubled he's hp, summon 3 = 3x.... good luck
This is the "No healing allowed" boss When you try to heal he will rush to you doing a 3 atack combo
You can heal easily when he does a single SLOW attack, being far away will often cause him to do a very slow swipe during phase 2, you can roll below it and heal, he shouldn't get in melee range quick enough to stop you.
Me, a pleb: "ha, this game is so easy and all the bosses suck" Fume Knight: "Hey I heard you were talking*****"
That "while UGS is glowing he will not reach phase***** is fake news
It's true though. After the sword gets all crackly, he won't enter phase 2 until it wears off.
Naw, it works. The trick is to use any item while you're right up against him (throwing knives work well). Also, it's better to bait the overhead while his sword is still glowing rather than wait for it to die down again.
Flash Sweat, along with a shield with high fire/physical resistance (I recommend Pursuer Greathshield +5), reduces A LOT the chip damage from his second phase