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To bait his Smashing Attack in 1st phase, just use any consumable! I use the Carvings because you can move while using them.
So he is like the hardest boss of this game?
Idk that's highly subjective dude. But yeah he's no joke but I personally found Alonne to be a tad bit harder. He hits not as hard (Raime mostly twoshots me in NG and Alonne threeshots me) but Alonne is faster and his delayed attacks catch me off guard regularly.
Nah, bruh, Gank Squad is hardest
Definitely subjective, but I agree that Alonne is the harder of the two, and Gank Squad is just stupid.
The way and the fight to smelter 2.0 was hardest. Wasted 20 effigys plus 20 trys by my own
Try ice rapier with lightning buff, it work very well
*******, he will never stop entering stage two no matter what you try
Stay within c.q.c. on him and he wont buff till about 10-20% just gotta pro roll every telegraphed swing/attack. Hard but easy.
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Please, learn proper English before you come back to this site.
Better yet, never come back.
I am not looking forward to fighting this boss


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If you don't want to fight it then don't fight it. The DLC is just as optional as vendrick is.
A very nice Boss, first time I had no chance, but after learning his attacks he wasn't that hard.
I cannot wait to face the mighty Raime!
he kept rekking so I went and bought an estoc, maxed it out, bought a bunch of gold pine resin, equipped leo ring and I was able to take him out. You need a super quick weapon like the estoc or a rapier because he gives you very little time to get hits in. I also wore engraved gauntlets and got lucky with several crits. Also I had the rebels greatshield, used it to block his dark sword attack and it didnt do so much damage (although it drained my stamina)


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I finally did it. Took me between 15 and 20 attempts.
Used the enchanted Lost Sinner’s sword.
Weight under 40% load.
Max possible stamina recovery.
Level 333.
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