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I'm playing as a mage. Died multiple times to him, but after a time, I managed to dodge all his attacks, well, most of them at least. What I used in his fight was only 2 spells that are really usefull for mages againt him, Soul Spear and Crystal Soul Spear, and for the sword, I used the magic moonlight +5, and a few items to regenerate spell uses. My strategy for mages to him is: on the first phase, you use the moonlight one handed for more damage, and you'll need to dodge all of his attacks, so you attack and dodge, and do only one attack, not two or more, because it will drain your stamina really fast and you won't be able to dodge. On the second stage, I started using spells, because it is really hard to stay close to him, as he do a high damage and you don't have time to cast, just wait for him to start his combos*****s, and take a good distance while he's doing the attacks, and then cast your spell, one at time. For me, this is the most hard boss I'ved faced in this game.
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The three things that make this boss "hard" is the fact that DS2's hit detection is absolute*****, his health is jacked up beyond reasonable levels and the fact that this boss hits like a freight train for no better reason than to compensate for how easy most of his attacks are avoided. Hands down the worst boss fight in any souls game.
Just git gud
Died over 60 times... Yes, I'm kinda total noob. What helped me was Velstad's helm for right away 2nd phase (more predictable attacks), spamming dark orb (prefered to keep distance), not being greedy and simply learning his attacks :)
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"The main thing that helped was being good at it."
On my low vitality-high endurance dex/hex build. Dark Motherf*king Rapier of Doom +10, dark weapon, sacred oath, Flynn, RoB, Old Leo, blossom kite shield. Mr. Fume diededed in 1m30s. Tried on many builds, easiest way here. Just dodgy-dodgy pokey-pokey.
The dark orbs are bullsh*t. good for surprise attack but the damage is too high.
Don't get greedy in this fight. It's not that difficult once you settle for just one quick strike and then rolling to safety.
Hardest boss of dark souls 2
lud and zallen
Smelter and smelter 2.0 were a lot Harder
Niggas be wildin on this boss. I came here looking for a pointer or two on his weaknesses and instead I got a novel.
TL:DR He has no weaknesses and is resistant to pretty much everything. Get good pleb-tier XD. GL HF!
beat him in a few tries using king's ultra greatsword, rolling at 54% and the fight was much easier when i equipped Chloranthy Ring with Blossom Kite Shield, if you're trying to roll, stamina regen is a must