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Quick question is there any way to revive her on DS2 SOTFS PS4 edition because I killed her for the aged feather and see if I can revive with the tombstone but no tombstone appears. Please help
Why would you kill the person that levels you up and reinforces your estus? You can get the aged feather in dragon aerie...
shes dead now homie. you *****ed up
You need to use ascetic in the Majula's bonfire.
I know this comment was 2 years ago but you f*cked up now delete your character and start from zero!
try tongue but hole
Horse but hole
horse but, WHAT???!!!!
i dont talk to herin dragon aerie now i cant find her.... how do i get the feather?
Kill her :/
I suggest before NG+
Just started NG+ and I managed to hit her by accidentally attacking just as she said
"Take this with you. May it ease your journey."
Did I just lose an Estus there
No, she just doesn't give you a second Estus Flask.
Bearer Seek Seek Lest
Haha so true
bearer seek my ***.
try thrusting, ambush behind, amazing chest, woman in short for, try tongue but, horse but, WHAT???!!!!! 1000 point if you know what that's from.
Happy Souls
1000 points to you my friend
horse but hole


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Happy Souls!
Happy souls
Holy **** she is dragonborn...
All she ever says to me is: Bearer... Seek... Seek... Less...
The date of release for the game an her design she is the ghost of summer