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he can bleed but don't know about poison (keeped trying with 140 poison but after 10-20 hiit nothing happen :/)
Love the name
He's immune to poison.
I have 4 giant souls and I'm hitting him for 20 damage. Is this a bug?
yes and no...
so what you're saying is that you lose the 5 giant souls if you die in the first fight? and have to reaquire them to try again?
No, you keep the souls. Just don't use them and you're fine.
I just beat him with only 4 giant souls (only missing the ancient dragon)

Aromatic ooze helped alot on my +10 greatsword, but he still wasn't "easy".

Basic strategy for anyone struggling is, don't lock on him, hug his right leg ( side without sword) and just be patient don't get greedy get those hits in.

Best of luck, and of course PRAISE THE SUN!
Are you new to this game and getting bored? Well here's a tip

Use bonfire ascetic at the Undead Ditch bonfire and *magic* you have successfully made dark souls as your lover

11/10 would play again in NG+
I did this to get the Royal Soldier ring plus 2 not realizing it buffed Vendrick
this boss is easy even without using any boss soul
Of course he is easy but it takes like half an hour without any soul