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The Giant on the left-most drops both items.
Jesus, the descriptions on this site are terrible. “In the room with the two giants...” like that’s obvious. If I could find that room, I wouldn’t need help finding the goddamn key!
Look for two giant centipede things right next to eachother (the ones that hide in the wall) and peek over the cliff and you should see a ledge. After jumping down a few more ledges, you'll find the cave with the giants.
You sir are officially banned from my Christian Minecraft server.
after the second worm their are 5 statues, fall to the right of the statues then you will land on a ledge, the door on that ledge needs the forgotten key too, but below that ledge is another one, it might take you a few tries to land on it but ounce you do follow the big whole and then there will be 2 giants, kill them and then you get the forgotten key and a ring, the easiest way to kill them is to poison them with throwing knives then use a heavy weapon and kill them within 4 hits.