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This weapon is one of the many reasons why DS2 is my favourite Souls. A great compromise between melee and magic. Looks good and the moveset is fine.
2 R1s in to a surprise spell. My favorite being Soul Greatsword for a roll catch.
I'd love to hear those other reasons. Besides weapon and build variety, DS2 is clearly inferior to the other two in every way.
“clearly inferior” bad take
I like fighting big knights, so I love the bosses, PvP is better IMO (due to build variety and not rollspam allowed), I like the open world a lot, the npcs are better IMO, the NGs are the best in the series (for originality, changes, and rewards), this gives it a much higher replay value, as also challenges are rewarded, you can interact with the world around you, example ballistas, lockstones, and good illusory walls, durability does something and is something to mind, and there are among the greatest boss fights in the series. That is why I prefer dark souls 2
What ds2 bosses are among the greatest in the series??? Wtf what kind of drugs are you on????
Does infusing Blue Flame with Magic effect the power of sorceries cast?
Not sure if anyone else found this, but at least is SoFS if you R1 immediately after stabbing from a roll with the weapon in your other hand your first slash is a regular straight sword slash.
Actually, it seems your roll attack just needs to be fast enough.
Actually, I did a bit more testing and it seems like most smaller weapons and a few larger weapons allow you to do a normal straight sword attack right after them. Some spears and the Chariot Lance don't work. It works with any attacks these weapons do.
Thinking of doing a Spellsword build with this weapon, but I want to make it effective at melee and spells. Should I keep it un-infused and slap Aromatic Ooze on it, while having about say 53 int (enough Int to use Crystal Soul Spear). Aromatic Ooze can be farmed from the dog-like enemies in The Gutter btw.
I would say don't infuse it... you gain 7 points more magic damage for almost halving the physical damage...not worth it in my opinion. Buffing it seems better.
If you're going melee, maybe don't infuse. But infusing it with magic makes spells stronger from it
So leydias can cast pyromancies with it but we can't? nice clickbait From
They cast pyromancy with black witches staff.
Use your eyes next time and maybe get a better view when you aren't cowering behind a shield and moonwalking.
Leydia Pyromancers, not Leydia Witches, dummy. Use your brain next time and maybe get a better perspective when you aren’t cowering behind a keyboard and speaking out of ignorance.
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This weapon has an amazing true combo, OP for Int ir hexes build. This video shows how to do it. Amazing...
Pocamadre cabron.
Unfortunately for you, I've memorized that Rick roll link.
It cannot cast hexes.
Which bonfire do i use an ascetic on in brightstone to get the NPC invader who can potentially drop a blue flame ?.
It must be Lower Brightstone Cove. The only phantom from NG+ I can think of is the dude next to the bridge over the spiky area.