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it should also be noted that there is a sever damage reduction when human.
Thank you, I was just wondering if that were the case.
What about when ur dueling ?
the armor of the lost sinner (gauntlets specifically) increases pyromancy damage, using this flame while hollowed with the lost sinner's stuff buffs the pyromancies a lot. just a tip :)
Am I Doing Something Wrong Because I Can Only Punch People With It And Light Them On Fire For 100 Dmg?
Did you equip a spell at a bonfire?
You have to attune your spell and it's heavy attack is a simple punch same as original flame equip a spell light attack and for the love of God always carry binoculars
"Slightly stronger than Pyromancy Flame when fully hollowed due to its slightly higher attack value and with S scaling, though it only deals 10-30 more damage." So why would you ever use this over regular pyromancy flame? Seems pointless.
PF = Max 250 Fire Damage DPF = Max 300 Fire Damage