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it should also be noted that there is a sever damage reduction when human.
Thank you, I was just wondering if that were the case.
What about when ur dueling ?
the armor of the lost sinner (gauntlets specifically) increases pyromancy damage, using this flame while hollowed with the lost sinner's stuff buffs the pyromancies a lot. just a tip :)
Am I Doing Something Wrong Because I Can Only Punch People With It And Light Them On Fire For 100 Dmg?
Did you equip a spell at a bonfire?
You have to attune your spell and it's heavy attack is a simple punch same as original flame equip a spell light attack and for the love of God always carry binoculars
"Slightly stronger than Pyromancy Flame when fully hollowed due to its slightly higher attack value and with S scaling, though it only deals 10-30 more damage." So why would you ever use this over regular pyromancy flame? Seems pointless.
PF = Max 250 Fire Damage DPF = Max 300 Fire Damage
Would revise location to "after first dog" in first false floor trap. Then jump to ledge with torch wielding hollow, then jump to ledge with several jars.