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Hey I can’t use the Moonlight greatsword with the Great magic weapon
Buffing it got patched 4 years ago. I actually came here to see if it mentioned the good old days using it. Look up how the spell buffs (crystal magic weapon is the strongest) apply the damage and you'll see why it was broken.
against bosses and respawning tough enemies that do primarily physical damage, would this be good with havel's armour?
I think it is cool that they made a fake of this
Agree. But why not make this sword a reward for completing the questline then? And I don't really see any connection between Freja and Bernhart of Jugo...



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Aaaah you were by my side all along... my true mentor... my guiding Moonlight....



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Oh, yes, please ctrl+v this on every single souls wiki.
Tropicar confirmed for triggered *****.