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Why is Iron Keep #22 instead of #14 right after Earthen Peak? Earthen Peak leads right to it.
Because of Iron Keep's difficulty
Because - for beginners - it's easier to go to earthen peak and have laddersmith gilligan forge a path to the rotten. Otherwise the whole path leading to Iron keep would have been omitted till later.
I didn't think it was that bad. My craftsman's hammer took care of all the enemies.
On the section called "Accessing the Shrine of Winter," it says 6 million souls are required to open it in NG+. I thought it was 2 million.
It's additional to what you racked up in the first playthrough
I went into the castle and the emralde herald before I skipped that warning and now I'm in the bonfire after the 2 dragonriders boss fight and I can't access a bunch of areas why is that.. also a bunch of new areas popped up but can't access them ..
Your map was completed so to speak it just shows you all the bonfires u have to find them
Darklurker is missing
i remember fighting the old iron king and rekindling the primal bonfire. I think this is just the mandela effect cause i do remember that there is a door near the primal bonfire in iron keep that you can access and that it has a fountain that is similar from what you would find in shrine of winter. Can someone tell me where i can find that?
The fountain? Its after the smelter demon (I think thats the right boss) fight in Iron Keep, the one thats in the lava. There's a door in the fight room that leads to that fountain which will take you to Brume Tower. Not sure if that's what you're asking..
Hold on. Is the shrine of winter DLC or not? I've collected the four old souls, picked up the stupid red orb from freja, lit their damn primal bonfires, and collected 1.6m souls and the bloody thing still won't open. If it's not DLC then what the hell is going on?!
It is dlc. It will lead you to the Eleum Loyce DLC area. You need the frozen flower to unlock the gate.
Dunno if you have the info already but no, Shrine Of Winter is not DLC. Shrine Of Winter is Drangleic Castle. I think what you're thinking of is Frozen Elyeum Loyce, that's one of the DLC areas
I'm only at Forrest of Fallen Giants and don't want to play this any more. By far the worst Souls game.
I does feel completely different from DS1 and 3 but I don't know. If you getting use to it. It's pretty addictive like the other two. Only It had far more frustrate part than DS1&3 combine in term of map design,ganging up enemy,extra punishing when keep dying and getting more hollow,overall weapon durable feel like a fragile wet noodles etc.
Playing as a mage for the first time in any souls game. DS2 feels like it was made for mage players, so many damn spells littered everywhere.
hey same! doing a dex/mage build it owns
Man i hated ds2 until i got to ruin sentinels. It was then i realized i was playing over encumbered and i couldn't roll and kept dying. *****ing great game afterwards.
DS2 was my first Souls game. Loved it right from the get. First time I got to the Ruin Sentinels (with very little game mechanics research, I might add) I spent a few hours inventing brand-new cusswords!! Then I found the Belfry Gargoyles...and nearly quit.
Ds2 has always been much better then it gets credit for. Ds3 in some ways feels like it took steps back from 2