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Is this good backup weapon for Int character with 10 faith? If so is it better with dark infusion for special or uninfused for bolt shooting? Or maybe(not likely) enchanted?
Best sniper in this game! My char with level 53 likes it :)
Can't seem to be able to increase the attack power of the special attack with either the Blue Dagger, Abyss Seal, or Black Witch Domino Mask. Thought I'd test Ring of Blades and Flynn's also for the sake of it, but unsurprisingly, no change. Perhaps it is only the Dark Clutch Ring that helps.
Also Dark infusion of course. I have a Raw Heavy Crossbow for pure physical already so keeping this infused with Dark just as a special attack cannon.
i infuse the weapon with a dark stone and that increases the special attack damage
it´s a pretty cool weapon,specially to kill dudes with a one shot