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Sadly killing her friend means you cannot reallocate. My dumb*ss thought at the beginning of the game "AH! Free effigies!"
Actually when you kill them, their graves appear next to their house, so you need to pay a few souls .
How do you live with yourself, killing those innocent women...? ;)
The last one doesn't work it only respawns the other chests not the soul vessel one
Wait can I lower my SL to 150 using this?
No you can’t, you will remain at the same soul level after reallocation
Don't know why you would anyway, matchmaking in dark souls 2 is based on your soul memory.


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So glad they added this mechanic, my DS1 character was a mess
Can you change your stats and then change them back to your old with a new one
As long as you have a soul vessel you can change your stats as many times as you want, but it'll consume one every time.
So say at the start of the game I decided to kill all the hags cause I’m a causal thinking of no consequences and now later into the game I wanna respec my levels. Am I just ****ed or is there any other way to do so thanks
You can in ng+
A bit late but pretty sure you can pay souls to revive them from their tombstones for a limited time