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Also, know that many Dragon Remnants members are unhonorable. Be prepared!


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today fought a dragon member, just cuz i seen the sign on a whim. not only did he immediately use estus as soon as he was half hp which is fine u kno we can both do it so w/e its passable. But then when an alonne knight aggro'd me HE DIDNT STOP to let me kill it he fought alongside the alonne knight about 8 estus later (from him ive used 2 at this point) i die to a sunlight spear >:U
To all dragon bros:
The Dragon Knights are honorable, they even de-aggro when we bow back.
So can we be honorable too?
You get summoned to fight, if you don't come prepared for anything it's your fault what happens next
You're telling me, a dragon bro invaded me right outside the Dragonrider fight, like near sl 1 with the white ring on. After he realized that I wasn't falling for the white ring trick, he immediately ran behind a bunch of enemies and started casting spells. Then messaged me and called me trash.He then proceeded to troll me for the next hour doing the same thing, with added messages, never fighting me head on. I didn't know about the effigy trick, or the seed of a tree of giants since this was my first playthrough of DS2. But, man what a rude dude, the extent some people will go to make themselves think they're good at this game.
You get summoned to fight, if you don't come prepared for anything it's your fault what happens next
Bull. The people who are invaded chose to fight. The dragon bros aren't dishonorable*, they are doing what they were summoned for. Not silly gestures.

Btw it's dishonorable not unhonorable :p
The way I look at it, if someone invades my world I just refill my health and find a place to have a proper duel, no healing. That way it's a true test of skill. And if I invade someone else's world I'll let them heal. If they start using Estus though, I'm just gonna kite them toward a bunch of enemies. Of course, there's no rules, but I'd rather not play dirty
To all dragon bros:
The Dragon Knights are honorable, they even de-aggro when we bow back.
So can we be honorable too?
I feel like i'm in the 1% when it comes to the Dragon Covenant, because when i'm summoned I wait for however long it is for the summoner to buff themselves, heal, etc. And then start the duel. No bull***** kiting or cheap shots at them, in fact I tend to let my opponent heal mid battle if they seem to be having a lot of trouble.
I had a dragon bro duel and as soon as I started winning he'd just run away and heal. I ended up having to burn down his 12 estus to end the fight
I've never understood the healing in pvp, it just allows the user to make more mistakes thus reducing the rate of learning plus it may lengthen a really boring fight
I can attest to this because I am one of the unhonourable members
Interesting point of view for healing in pvp. Here's another that people never consider: You can't learn if you're already defeated and dead. Asking for a short fight is like pleading to not let you make a mistake either as a longer fight is very likely to test fortitude, endurance and concentration while seeing who *****s up first or worst. You want a quickie for an instant gratification, go play something else. You learn nothing from a 10 second fight either. And if its boredom, then also consider it being your fault for not being able to wrestle the situation under your control and MAKE it entertaining for you. The world doesn't bend to your heel.
I've actually been having a really great time with this covenant! Started PVP yesterday and I'm already on rank 2! Most people I've found will just do a "duel bow" gesture before beginning the fight. So far, I've only found one "unhonorable player, but I rolled quickly and iy actually was one of my easiest fights! He was using dual Greatswords btw.
I had a duel today with someone that kept running off to heal. After he realized I'd keep attacking while he did so, he tried to jump to one of the islands in the lava, probably thinking I wouldn't follow. I suppose he was right, since I stopped to watch him leap into the lava instead.

I don't mind people healing (also had a good long duel today with someone that dropped multiple Warmth spells around the bridge), but they need to learn to be smart about it.
Thanks Sun god this changed, now they bow.
Sometimes I feel like i'm in the 1% when it comes to the Dragon Covenant, because when i'm summoned I wait for however long it is for the summoner to buff themselves, heal, etc. And then start the duel.

I mainly use this covenant when I play on a samurai build because it tends to lead to the more fun duals seeing as I can just laugh as my opponent heals and acts all **** because I decided not to punish them for it and then proceed to beat the everliving ***** out of them with a Black Knight Halberd
>Black Knight Halberd
>Samurai Build
Choose one
Samurai don't use halberds, and they sure as heck don't merrily beat people to a pulp for trying not to die. I think you need to do some research on Samurai...
Just collected my 30th dragon scale and now there is no option to join covenant.. Any ideas how I proceed?
Did you find the Petrified Egg in the Dragon Shrine?
yeah, I already have everything else besides black dragon greatsword. Currently on ng+
Honestly, it would make WAY more sense if the ancient dragon was the covenants leader instead of creepy grinning boy in the Iron Castle. Well, the dragon bros in DS2 were a disappointment to me to be honest. Ugly heavy suit of armor which looks like a prototype to Ornstein’s gear. But, other players were happy with it so more power to them. Preferred the dragon form without the extra heavy load.
I think the armor was great, not as cool as ds1, but still cool. I think the armor is quite light, and is nice for people who wear heavy armor. You can hate on it, but it looks nothing like the Dragonslayer armor prison
Also, it would make no sense for the ancient dragon to be the leader of the Covenant, because he wasn't actually a dragon in the first place. He doesn't care enough to let you worship Him. XD


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The armor actually doesn't weigh much. In total it weighs like 15 units. Also, in contrast to 1 and 3, dragon form actually has added defenses for your character, rather than treating you as fancy naked. Iunno, I like it but I can see how a big golden blobby thing wouldn't be for everyone.
where do you find dragon scales
Use the dragon eye to duel players. If you win you will recieve a dragon scale
Just read??....GIT GUD!
There is one after the dragon boss
Tbh, I never expected Magerold to be the leader of a covenant.
Same. I was looking for a different npc for a bit.
Coward covenant.
Only coward I see is you. Can't fight someone playing by the rules because you are too cowardly to fight them without your made-up, stupid rules that defy the rules set for the game. Only rule that I apply to all games. Don't be a ****. Period.

In the description of this covenant it says that a member of this covenant will obtain the dragon scale of a defeated enemy after defeating him in PVP-dragon-covenant-summoned. Does this mean the defeated foe loses his dragon scale ?

I know that the winner obtain a dragon scale, but I would like to know if the loser actually loses a dragon scale.

If yes then I have a follow up question :
One of the dialog option with Magerold (the leader of the covenant in Iron Keep) allows you to give him a dragon scale. If I give him all of my dragon scales, leaving none in my inventory, would I still lose a dragon scale when defeated in PVP-dragon-covenant-summoned ? Would it work like a point rank in the blood covenant in duel (I read somewhere, here I think, that you lose a point rank in the blood covenant when defeated in the duel arena) ?

I think this is not specified in this article.
You never lose dragon scales from duels. Also, they are inventory items, not points ranks, unlike for the blood covenant.
No you dont ever lose any scales for a loss or lose ranks for a loss i tested this myself
Dragons are dangerous creatures...