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In order to get the crypt blacksword, you have to kill the rotten in NG+ or higher. upon defeat of the rotten, you'll gain the rottens original soul drop plus an additional soul called the "Old Dead One" To get the Sword Bring the new soul to weapon smith ornifax, there you can trade soul for sword. Easiest way to do this is to use a bonfire ascetic That way you dont have to wait till your second play through to gain it...,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,> I hope this tid bit has helped in one way or another.
Rotten isn't bad for farming bosses to get Luciatel's set.
If you say to use a bonfire ascetic, you should include which bonfire to use it.
It should be a lot bigger, so it would look like the dragonslayer from berserk
W e e b
its dragonslayer 2.0 after Godot reworks it!
be wary of guts
Ok if it say +10 y it only show +5
The +10 is a typo because it's a boss soul weapon upgraded with petrified dragon bone, therefore it should only go to +5
When Dark Weapon is used on this, the sword becomes a giant blue berry popsicle.
perfect for your hex build ;)
"At 45 str/dex, 45 int, and 63 faith, while infused with Dark and wearing Ring of Blades +2 and Dark Clutch Ring, it has an astounding AR of 870 (266+65 Phys damage, 218+320 Dark damage). With Dark Weapon applied that brings the weapons total AR to 1067." Does this mean 45 in strength and 45 in dexterity, or 45 in str/dex COMBINED?
45 str and 45 dex
Powerstancing these bad boys is a right hoot.
Just so the wiki is aware, in Sotfs it goes to S scaling in Dark even if its enchanted with fire, lightning, magic, or poison. Best dark increase with dark infusion of course. I also have over 800 AR at 43 Strength and 50 intelligence and faith with the ring of blades+1
The greatsword looks a lot more like the Dragonslayer sword