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Already known on the Speedrunning community for years now , it's called the Giant Lord Jump (just search it up on Youtube there's tutorials available from 2014 ;) )
Somthing wierd just happend. After I used the coffin a red spirit appeared that looked exactly like my character at the begining of the game. Im not on ng+ or anything either. It had the exact same face, equipment and everything.
Did you lit all the fire pillars? If you did that before used the coffin, you just spawned a dark spirit. Not sure if it respawns in NG
When i entered the coffin at the first time, i didn't realized that it changed your gender. At some point the Pursuer also spawned here after i get out from the coffin. After i died and kept playing just realized that my character facial hair has gone & looking younger/feminine. Until i saw this guidelines... ;P
Can someone explain me why there are so many bloodstains in the rift to Majula? I'm in NG+2, but since NG I'm curious about what can potentially kill you there...
Light the torches