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I haven't seen any of these enemies in Scholar of the First Sin. Were they removed completely?
Negatory. They just don't show up in SotFS until you either Ascetic Sinner's Rise or get to NG+.
Darn I thought they dropped bell keeper helmet too, needed it for the fashion souls.
there is one in ng in a cage in aldias keep
they still here but in sinner s rise down the elevator then go right or left only in ng+ or ng+++ and aldias kepp
The sorcery, "Yearn" can be used to distract these.
Actually they are easy to kill, even in water. If you aproach them face to face they will do a slow attack with one of their hands, you can easily dodge it just by walking back without wasting stamina to roll or run, after they miss then you can hit them once and trigger his same attack just by aproaching face to face, reapeat until he is dead. Just don't aproach them from the sides or from behind or you will trigger other quick attacks that are harder to dodge (which require rollling).
On the top description it says it's weakness is magic. But on the general description it says it's very resistant to it
One of the more dangerous aspects of the creature is an error (possibly) with its hitboxes on it's second tail swing: if you are almost touching it on it's right side (your left) it connects several times instead, albiet rarely.
seemingly replaced by a large flexile sentry in Sinners rise, in SotFS edition.
They're back in Sinner's Rise in NG+, along with the Flexile Sentry