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Easy boss battle, just have to kill spear and sycthe lords, kill their skeletons using yearn then soul great sword or a blade and same for staff lord


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The easiest way to beat those guys in SOTFS at least in NG is to clear the path to them then go back and summon Bashful Ray, then dash through skeleton cave and summon Creighton, then dash to the fog door. The attention of enemy will be split among 3 targets what gives you plenty of time to run around and attack priority targets from behind.
What about OG?
Original gangster?
The boss is pretty easy.. I guess that's what happens when you bring an ultra greatsword and Creighton.
To beat then NG+ as a level 19 sorcerer I purchased about 30 alluring skulls, took out one skeleton lord, used the skulls to distract the first mob, shot them all, took out the next skeleton lord, used the skulls again to distract and pick-off the next army, finally I took out the skeleton lord that raises a mob of bone wheels. Right before I killed him I threw several alluring skulls to the other side of the room. I was able to pick off a few bone wheels, retreat, then throw more alluring skulls and pick off the rest. Not easy at level 19 (base level sorcerer is level 11).
Enjoy being invaded for high level if u waste souls in items staying low level
Nito fanboys
why were they nerfed to oblivion in the SoTFS?! they were the sp00pyest boss in DS2. hell they even brought back the bonewheels! also, i don't know if i'm the only one that died of laughter when killed the mage first and saw the bonewheels raising from the ground, i screamed "PALADIN LEEROY, I NEED YOU AGAIN!"
Halberd+3 buffed with aromatic ooze makes this fight a joke as well
this fight + Heide lance + running attack = pain train