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guys i absorbed the lost sinner's soul, will i be able to open the gate if i kill other 3 ??
so i started my NG+ and i have 4 mil soul memory and it wont open. Soloutions?
How do you cheese the rotton? is there a glitch on versions that not on ps3
I have 95703502 soul memory on became and it won't open
It adds 1 million more souls needed so if you start a new game + with 4 million soul memory the. You will need 5 million soul memory
I have 95703502 soul memory on became and it won't open
In ng+3 i consumed every soul i had and finished with 2.5M so had to run to dark gulch and cheese the rotten two times :p
You're *****ing dumb
I had accidentally traided the lost sinners soul for his sword. I didn't realise I was to trade his soul, didn't read the description. But I went to the shrine of winter and it still let me in.
so i started my NG+ and i have 4 mil soul memory and it wont open. Soloutions?
the requirement is to have lit the four primal bonfires and recieved the four great souls, you dont need to have the four souls on you
I have 95703502 soul memory on became and it won't open
I have over 11 million soul memory and the Shrine of Winter is still locked. IDK if it's because your data is from the original (as I'm playing on the SOTFS edition). But none the less I think its something worth noting.



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It doesn't work on the PS4 version I think. It stood somewhere on another page of the wiki.
It does work on ps4. I just did it today.
You need the extra SM PER playthrough. So if you had 2mil SM when you started a playthrough of NG+, for example, you'd still have to get another 1mil.
Why is this accessible for people without DLC? All you get is a thick white fog and death if you walk away from the teleporter.
You can do co op with people with the dlc if you place a summon sigh down, near some small status.
Nah *****
I have aquired the 4 souls needed and have also colected over 1m souls yet cant get the door to open in winters keep, what should i do?
Did you light ALL primal bonfires?


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"The gate to Shrine of Winter will open once you've obtained the four Old Souls and lit four Primal Bonfires. This is achieved by killing The Rotten, The Lost Sinner, Old Iron King, and Duke's Dear Freja. The doors can still be opened if the Dukes Dear Freja has not been killed, but when you speak to the Emerald Herald before the bridge to drangleic castle she explains that the journey will be significantly harder."
Does not work for me on PS4... Think i will have to kill Freja anyway...
I just did this today, it should work. Maybe a bug or something?
You don't have to light the primal bonfires. Just didn't feel like editing this out.
Do you need to have 1,000,000 souls at the moment or just collecting 1,000,000 souls over time?
You only need to have collected a total of 1,000,000 souls over time.
I am on NG+ and I have 5 m souls, still closed so the above figures are false
They aren't. The souls need to be obtained in your current NG cycle, so the shrine will stay closed until you have obtained another 2 million souls.
It explicitly states the number of souls must be collected on your current ng cycle and not your total memory across all playthrough’s
All 4 primal fires lit, 1mil total souls, consumed the 4 souls, door won't open. I can't get more bonfire ascetics either to refight those bosses. Did I basically brick my game on my first playthrough?