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Could he be a Darth Vader reference aswell? He has a "laser sword", a mask and the burnt body. He also thanks us if defeated like Vader was thanking Luke for redeeming him at the end of Return of the Jedi. And he was turned like Anakin in becoming the slave of the force (Old Chaos is the Dark Side here) he swore to fight once.
I also know a very good strategy: If you have the Smelter Hammer imbued with fire(you need 70 str or 35 str if you held it with both hands) and as soon as you dropped down run
to the first Loyce Knight at the left or right end. When he steps out de darkness gate attack him as soon as you possibly can with a two handed strong attack and he will be knocked down( i had 625 dmg per hit!!!) plus the white knights will come help you. You will probably get hit by the pyromancer knight, but if you strike again with a strong attack you may hit and knock down other knights as well. Also a Large Club(consumes less stamina) maxed out buffed with lightning pine resin works great! And with this last same strategy you can defeat the burnt ivory king(with the white knight as decoy you can hit him many times)!
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I spent most of my retries trying to keep Luciatel and my last Loyce Knight alive. That honestly was the hardest thing about this boss fight for me. (Still, get all four Loyce Knights. It helps. A lot.)

1. Don't fat roll. You die if you do.

2. Target Charred Loyce Knights first, the pyromancers can make you into a sitting duck if hit.

3. Phantoms are friends here. He doesn't get too much of a stat boost, and meat shields are great.

4. Lifegems, not Estus. Estes heals more faster, but gets you agroed. He tends to not agro when Lifegems are crushed.

5. The only real dangerous attack is his stab and throw. His slashes are easy to dodge, and his crystal AoE can be seen from a mile away.

6. While heavier weapons are more viable here than say, Fume Knight, I would prefer a Greatsword at the heaviest.

7. Be prepared for him to switch agro randomly. He does it a lot.

8. Don't be afraid to hit him more than once, but keep an eye on your stamina consumption. It will be needed to roll.

9. If you summon Twiggy Shei, he almost always agros in him for some reason. (Out of all ten fights with him, trying to keep Luciatel and Loyce Knight (or LK) alive, he practically mauled Twiggy, and ignored all of us smacking him with weapons.)
We all have our strengths and weaknesses they say, but I guess one of my strengths is killing this boss, I smoked him with ease and I *always* fat roll even in pvp btw and win 80% of the time ( not the case in the other soul games tho) but I guess it depends on play style because I used to struggle with Demon of song and Executioner's Charriot..
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This boos sucks as a mage, hexes and sorceries do little damage to the charred loyce knights so im useless in the opening part, just running around until the portals get sealed, then the fourth knight dies and im alone against 7 or more knights, finally got them all down with one estus remaining and died to the boss in 30 seconds
I've started the game as a mage myself too. But then later on I realized, that many bosses are easier when you melee them. So I'm using swords now, and switching to staff when it need be.
Also try summoning at least the NPCs (Lucatiel and an archer/rapier using npc available), they help. The archer kept distracting the king during fight and stayed alive in my successful fight.
I know a good strategy. You know that button, the one that makes you do somersaults for days? Press it. It will save your life, guaranteed.
Which one?
Tip for anyone struggling with the Charren Loyce Knights: greatswords are the best weapons to use against them. The 2H R1 can hitstun them without needing the Stone Ring, and the sweeping attacks can help you hit multiple of them. Key to the Embedded is great weapon to use if you are using a quality build, for a STR built you can use the Mastodon Greatsword.
+10 Red Rust Twinblade stunslocks them and kills them in one combo too.
like people aren't farming Giant Lord for souls...I can beat GL in 90 seconds for 484k...rinse repeat.
Probably the most epic boss fight in the entire soulsborne universe.
u are dumb if u think a DS2 boss is within top 10 of soulsborne bosses
Don't call him stupid, people can have opinions
He's not stupid, just dumb.
LoL ds2 have lots of cool bosses in my opinion :)
hm...guess opinions are offensive too now? What the ***** is wrong wit people these days?
I prefer the Abyss watchers, but he is definitely my favorite from DSll.
Dark souls 2 has a lot of problems but at least it was finished unlike one(lost Izalith)
Broken straight sword op. Needs nerf ~Sotfs~