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one thing i ust say is that the creighton wont dissappear untill you opened the left chest that triggers his last dialogue ( the one with the bomb and rusty coins in it ) so he can stay ingame :D
Creighton is at the Ruined Fork Road in Ds2: SotFS PS3, just like the original.
I beat the game skipping his bonfire cage so MAYBE that makes things different but seriously guys, this is a wiki not 4chan, please don't lie.
When I played SotFS, he was in the place stated by the wiki, not at the ruined fork road. I don't know why it was different for your game, but the wiki is not lying.
well old gen ( ps3, xbox360) their softs is just normal game with 3 dlc when new gen and dx11 version how complete new placment, items etc. those are different games wiki dont lie you just dont know those things thats why are you confused
My take is that Pate is right and they both were companions once and probably had been treasure hunters of a sort, cooperating long enough to even have a "shared" haul. They then had a falling out because Pate rightly deduced that an area was trapped and refused to go inside, Creighton then went inside and fell for the trap.

While Pate is honest, he isn't a good person and I'd say he's more neutral in his morals. After Creighton got caught in the trap he decided not to risk his own skin to save Creighton and instead took their "shared" haul for himself. This combination of being trapped and then Pate taking all of their treasure caused Creighton to blame Pate for the trap even though in all likelihood Pate didn't trick Creighton and he probably told Creighton that he thought it was a trap just like Pate later tells the player.

This one event causes both men to turn on one another, since both think the other's actions were that of a true psychopath. Pate feels that Creighton is overreacting to a trap he told him was there and Creighton feels like only a heartless psycho would not help him get out of the trap. The bottom line is Pate is not the kind of persons that would risk his own skin to rescue another and he assumes everyone else in the world would act like him in the same circumstance.

By the time the player gets to them fighting both are so determined to win this conflict that they both have really stopped caring about their shared treasure haul and are greatful enough to the player for helping them that they let the player keep the treasure. Pate in all probability boobytrapped the chest, since the key to the area with the chest has Pate's name on it. Pate says what he does because he's directed you twice into areas that were trapped and figured you'd handle it, Creighton says what he says because he knew that Pate probably trapped part of their shared haul and that's part of reason why he was so free with handing over the key. Both were kind of hoping the trap would get rid of you since neither really cares about the wellbeing of the player once they got the player to help them end their dispute.
Why would a jail cell be considered a trap? Thats the only part I can't piece together, "factually". I highly doubt creighton just ignored "pate's sincere warnings of a jail door slamming shut out of seemingly nowhere". Also creighton doesn't actually take the ring if you admit to being an aquaintance of sorts with oate.
Very thorough. Well said and ty for explaining this out. I wondered what the story was between those two. Now I know.
Good thought but it doesn't make any sense.
How would Pate get the ring if Creighton had the ring until getting trapped?



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"Pate is honest" Good one.
Technically, Creighton says himself that he tried to trick pate, in every dialogue with pate, he warns you off a trap and says how he's to worried to continue, so in hindsight Creighton tries to kill pate, loses, then tries to trap pate, fails and then tries to convince you pate is a serial killer, the only questionable thing pate does is give you his armour and ring, then tell you that someone is after him, my guess is he is worried and hopes Creighton attacks you and since you have overcome every trap, that you'll kill Creighton, or lose and Creighton will think he's dead, but for someone of a cowardly nature, that's normal.
Team Creighton
I can't help but think he's the game's Lautrec, even though he doesn't seem to be as much of a ****.
kill Creighton you don't need him you can get the key from pate
But you don't need Pate either and Creighton is cooler, why kill him when you can kill Pate instead??
Pates not needed either, and Pate tries to kill you with trickery. I think the better choice is obvious :/
well since darksouls 3 we know creighton is a murderer
I just killed em both to be honest, first I helped Creighton kill Pate, then I killed Creighton.
Both of them are dead, they both die, both the cunning and honorable murderers die - RK14
This page mentions someone selling their ring of thorns. How do you sell stuff?
You can sell items only to Galvan