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Just killed mirror boss, now have access to unlimited large titanite shard from stone merchant in town
which town is it? and do you possibly have the new update as well?
which town is it? and do you possibly have the new update as well?
Stone trader chloanne and majula is the town



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You do know that Steady McDuff has Infinite shards at the start of the game right


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This page describes the locations or enemies to be killed in order to farm certain kinds of ore. If you wish to share your personal favorite way of doing it (which weapon to use, which spell, etc) use this comment section instead of adding it to the page.
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No need to jump to the pillar--you can just drop to the ledge outside the cave.


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My personal favourite Large titanite Farming place is from the Great Basilisk in Huntsman's Copse (Scholar of the First Sin). Start at the second bonfire and right infront of you take a jump to the pillar (it's a bit tricky but you can do it) the fall back down and go into the cave with the Great Basilisk. Kill it for 3xLarge titanite and then go back up with the Iron Maiden. Then you just go to the same bonfire, rest and repeat. The only bad thing about this is only the jump you make in the beggining to reach the first pillar. Overall it's easy and fast.
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For Twinkling titanite and Pretified Dragon Bone, go to dragon aerie and use bonfire ascetic, search on youtube, is quite easy and fast
There are is a pile of 2 twinkling titantie near the kings gate that leads to a giant tree, using an ascetic will redrawn the titanite, and more can be found within the memory, allowing for infinite twinkling.
He lies, the titanite does not respawn...nore is there any in the memory of Jeigh.
I Puerto Rikkan, Exuse bad english! You know where the puzzle sword is? Yah. Go get the tinatite over there and use a campfire pumpkin to do again! Rinse and wash!
Large and Chunk Titanites can be farmed at black gulch. Dark sucker drops it
small note: if you enter the "company of champions" covenant, many of these enemies respawn endlessly with a slightly increased difficulty. (not all of them though)
(with the company of champions) You can easily farm endless Large titanite shards for free if you go to huntsman's copse and fight the big green basalisk at the bottom of a pit between the first and second bonfire. It gives 3 large titanite shards each time.