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It does decent damage, but it isn't the best weapon for PVP. You could probably get a win or 2 with this weapon though. Just be cautious. In short, good in PVE, hard to master in PVP.
Dark souls 2 will always be better than the garbage of a mess called Dark Souls 3.
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i destroy people with this at Iron Keep fight clubs
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Lol? Dark Souls 2 is the worst.
Could this be supposed to be used against the Ivory King? So that we have a "laser sword" duel then?
It's only good vs. the Ivory King if you have the higher ground.
Quality joke, Anon! :D
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It's r2 is really good for taking out crystal lizards.

Other than that, the sword is not too noteworthy
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That 2HR2 is powerful... Unupgraded, I'm seeing it do ~690-1310.
Really annoying if used against you in an invasion xD
The jumping attack can be parried.
"Straight" Sword
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